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Izodoor provides turnkey contracting services by working in strong cooperation with its business partners with the projects it has developed in innovative concepts sensitive to human life.


The planning and projecting of the cooling system is carried out with the engineering calculations required by the project, summary of estimates, unit price descriptions and technical specifications.


The assembly of sandwich panels produced within Izodoor is provided in a reliable and robust manner by the assembly team formed by us.
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Energy has the ability to make development sustainable. Sandwich panels, which come into play to increase our quality of life without consuming our future, significantly reduce the energy need, while using less resources, they enable us to leave a livable world to future generations.

Spending energy also means paying for energy. Businesses save money only when properly insulated, so they pay less for heating and cooling. For the correct application of the insulation, the insulation density of the sandwich panels should be 42 density. Panels that do not reach this density consume more energy and create an inefficient environment.

We ensure that you, our valued customers, will plant a sapling in the future by guaranteeing the correct use of energy.