Hinged Door

It is used in cold and frozen storage rooms and shock rooms. It works as a single wing with the principle of opening to the right and left. Our hinge system is rising and adjustable type. Our locks are imported, with the feature of opening from the inside when locked, and the anti-panic handle is manufactured with phosphor.

It is produced by using special materials in accordance with European standards and provides a guarantee of use for many years.


DOOR WING: 40 (+/-2) density polyurethane was injected between two sheets without using any wood material.
DOOR THICKNESS: It is 68 mm in normal cold stores and 92 mm in frozen storage stores.
LOCK: It is imported, has the feature of opening from the inside when locked and its antipanic handle is phosphorescent.
HINGE: It is a rising and adjustable type.
SURFACE SHEET: Both sides of the standard manufacturing wing are PVC sheet. Optionally, it can be polyester painted sheet and CrNi.
DOOR FRAME: : For industrial panel rooms, one wall of the room is produced as a special door frame. Since the door leaf is mounted on this panel, there is no additional assembly problem. Special PVC outer and aluminum inner frames are used for rooms without panels. Since the wing is mounted on the frame, its application is very easy.
THERMAL BRIDGE: Sealing is provided with a special rubber gasket surrounding the door. There is a resistance against freezing in the Frozen Enclosure Doors, and it does not require a transformer as it has a resistance diode.
DIMENSIONS: Production can be made in desired dimensions up to 100 x 200 cm net passage