Monorail Door

In general, it is specially produced for meat integrated facilities. It works with the principle of shifting to the right and left according to the need as processing and shocking passage doors. Monorail doors can be manufactured as hinged and sliding depending on demand. Production can be made in desired dimensions up to 250×300 cm net passage.

It is produced using special materials in accordance with European standards and provides a guarantee of use for many years.


DOOR WING: 40 (+/-2) density polyurethane was injected between two sheets without using any wood material.
DOOR THICKNESS: It is 92 mm in normal cold stores and 120 mm in frozen storage stores.
HANGER HARDWARE: Carrier rail, wheels, handles and necessary accessories are composite material and stainless steel.
SURFACE SHEET: Both sides of the standard manufacturing wing are PVC sheet. Optionally, it can be polyester painted sheet and CrNi.
DOOR FRAME: Outer case is special PVC, inner case is aluminum.
THERMAL BRIDGE: It is a single row of special rubber gasket surrounding the door leaf in normal storage rooms. There is a resistance that can be changed very easily when necessary in the frame of the Frozen Enclosure Doors.
DIMENSIONS: Production can be made in desired dimensions up to 250 x 300 cm net passage.