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Importance of Cold Chain in Fruits and Vegetables

In fruit and vegetables, if a suitable environment is created, they continue their vitality activities after they are harvested. Normal weather conditions are also conditions for fruits and vegetables to continue their vital activities. Therefore, they may deteriorate after a short period of time, varying from product to product, when kept in normal weather conditions. In order to prevent this, the environment that allows the activity of life to continue must be changed. The most important factors for fruits and vegetables to continue their vitality activity after harvest are temperature, oxygen in the air and relative humidity level. Therefore, fruits and vegetables; should be kept in environments where temperature, air composition and humidity can be kept under control. For this reason, products stored in warehouses in special environments created for fruits and vegetables can be preserved for a long time without deteriorating and without losing quality in large proportions.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be stored at temperatures ranging from -1o°C to +160°C, depending on their type. For example, Apple-Golden should be stored at -1o°C, while Fresh Potatoes should be stored at +13o°C.

Again, in terms of relative humidity, they should be kept in a range ranging from 65% RR to 95% RR, depending on the type of fruit and vegetable. The warehouses where fresh fruits and vegetables will be stored must have both a cooling system, a humidification system and a dehumidification system. Depending on the type of fruit and vegetable, one or both of these systems can be used to ensure that the products are stored under the best conditions and for the longest time.

In addition, for the preservation of some fruits and vegetables for a longer time, it is established in systems where the components of the air, which we call Control Atmosphere Storage, are applied inside the warehouse, different from the ratios in the normal atmosphere.

Fruits and vegetables are harvested and transported to cold storages at high temperatures by vehicles without a cooling system, especially since the harvest season is the period when high temperature averages occur. Instead of taking the products at these temperatures directly to the storage temperature, it is more appropriate to first cool them in the pre-cooling warehouses and then take them to the temperatures where they will be stored. For this reason, it is necessary to have rooms that can be used for this purpose in fresh fruit and vegetable warehouses.

80 mm panels are used in Fruit-Vegetable warehouses.

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